July 8, 2024

European Accessibility Act 2025 (EAA): Ensure your online store is prepared and legally compliant

To comply with the requirements of the European Accessibility Act (EAA), eCommerce brands must thoroughly evaluate and enhance all digital assets from website, online-store, mobile app to even documents. The initiative requires online businesses including digital stores to provide an accessible storefront to their customers as of 28 Jun 2025.

Mobizcorp builds a path towards future accessibility with you and empowers your digital business by enabling full accessibility through an initial website audit and implementing necessary changes. Our engineering teams leverage our two-decade expertise and knowledge to create compliant and accessible online stores. From technical implementation to continuous integration, we ensure that your storefront remains fully compliant and accessible according to the latest EAA regulations.

Would you like to book an audit to evaluate your online store’s compliance with the European Accessibility Act? It was implemented by Germany’s Accessibility Reinforcement Act (BFSG) which already requires public authorities to make their websites, documents, and mobile applications accessible, from 2025 on the requirements will also apply to private business organizations. No need to wait until the last moment: ensure your website complies with EAA and WCAG standards, improve user experience, and expand your reach to a broader audience starting today. Contact Mobizcorp today for a consultation and begin your web accessibility journey with us.

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