Environmental Responsibility


Environmental Responsibility

At Mobizcorp, protecting the environment is an integral element of our corporate social responsibility. Our mission is to address the issue of rapid climate change which we can observe stronger year by year.

As a part of our actions in regards to this problem, we have signed an agreement together with Eden Reforestation Projects. The mission of Eden Reforestation projects is to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year. Since the project began over 250 million trees have been planted around the world in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique.

Following a repeating practice over next years, for every single day and every single team member of Mobizcorp working – we are planting one tree for each of us. The amount of planted trees has already reached thousands thus restoring a big forest that could play its role in tackling climate change. By these means, we are contributing to the reforestation of forests and combating climate change. As the reforestation effort goes on, healthy forests begin to emerge and the negative effects of deforestation disappear. We strongly believe that by caring about the future of our planet together, we can make an observable difference for the best of the environment.

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