Mobizcorp establishment

Established in 2003, Mobizcorp has been successfully providing digital commerce strategies for renowned international brands. Mobizcorp was founded by Friedhelm Scharhag, who was one of the first German entrepreneurs to recognize the future potential for Internet-based E-business solutions, and Roland Fassauer, who is a co-partner of Mobizcorp and in his position as Director of Technology and Consulting he is in charge of the definition and structure of the Mobizcorp service portfolio.

Mobizcorp Viernheim Office
Friedhelm Scharhag

Friedhelm Scharhag established a consultancy specializing in the field of E-business solutions at that early stage being fascinated by the possibilities the Internet already seemed to promise in the mid-90s. Under his leadership as founder and CEO of Softlution AG, more than 160 employees based in the company’s offices in Germany, the U.S.A., England, India and Russia developed innovative eCRM solutions. In 2003, Friedhelm Scharhag founded Mobizcorp, an international service provider successfully implementing digital commerce strategies for its reputable clients worldwide, which he still heads as CEO today.

Roland Fassauer

After his studies of Applied Computer Sciences at the Technical University of Leipzig, Prof. Dr. Roland Fassauer co-founded the German e-Commerce pioneer Intershop Communications in Jena (IPO 1998 Neuer Markt and 2000 NASDAQ) in 1996. Since 2004, Roland Fassauer has been a Managing Director of the Institute for Applied Computer Science (InfAl) at the University of Leipzig, which he co-founded. In the following years, he was involved in the establishment of further successful companies. In 2018, Roland Fassauer was offered a professorship in Product Management at CODE University in Berlin.

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