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At the Mobizcorp Concept store in Berlin, interested parties can experience and test the possibilities of the digital store of the future. With the help of the relevant application scenarios, the store demonstrates in-use innovative retail technologies and a cross-channel customer interaction. The starting point for the use cases is always the question of the added value: where is the advantage for both the customer and the merchant?

Endless Aisle Technology

Endless aisle is an extension of your retail in-store shelf. It uses in-store kiosks or apps to allow customers to order products that are out of stock or not sold in-store and have them shipped to their homes. Endless aisle can offer an endless number of SKUs and is, therefore, blending physical and virtual product together to create the best merchandising strategy. Endless Aisle helps to avoid lost sales.

True to the motto ”Buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere“, the customer can be served directly in the store (ship-to-store), from the store (ship-from-store) or at home.

Endless Aisle Technology


Connected payment across POS, shop and mobile
Single place to manage and ship orders
Real-time store inventories
Single view of the customer
Omnichannel order routing
Mobile checkout and easy payment
Cross-channel shopping bag
Personalization and Clienteling in Store

Engage with your customers

Empower Shop Assistants

Enable your shop assistants to advice, search, find, recommend and sell all products available across stores and channels at a maximum convenience for the customer and the salesperson

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Find & Identify Customers

Easily identify customers in store, look up their preferred products and sizes, wishlist, recent orders, edit customers´personal data, and add shipping addresses.

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Help & Guide your Customers

Assist customers by providing a convenient way to access all promotions, personalized recommendations, discounts, bundles & sets.

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Analyze Your Performance

Analytics and management dashboards provide an instant, real-time overview of inventory, sales, stores, and sales assistants.

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