February 12, 2024

Meet Mobizcorp at E-Commerce Expo 2024 in Berlin

Meet Mobizcorp at the E-Commerce Expo in Berlin on the 22nd of February, 2024. The E-Commerce Berlin Expo, Germany’s largest eCom event is the ultimate gathering for industry professionals. Combining exhibition and conference formats provides diverse opportunities for business growth, knowledge sharing, and networking. 70 industry experts and thought leaders will share their insights and expertise across multiple stages and masterclasses 🎙️

Having worked with top-notch digital platforms and innovative solutions for more than two decades, we at Mobizcorp enable our worldwide customers to achieve their business outcomes with the help of best-in-class eCommerce technology integrations. Reach out to Mobizcorp today to save your spot for a personal meeting to get to know more about us and discuss your digital challenges. Looking forward to meeting you at the E-Commerce Expo in Berlin!

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