January 23, 2024

We stand against right-wing extremism – No place for racism, hatred and fascism

So far, we as Mobizcorp have never taken a political stance, nor have we ever had to. However, now is the time to stop looking away and take a clear stance.

Especially with the rise of the AfD, right-wing extremism and populist structures unfortunately once again pose a growing threat to our democracy and society in Germany and we must all take a loud and determined stand against fascism and racism and protect our democracy.

With our team at Mobizcorp, we want to stand for more than just our work: We are committed to the rights and well-being of every one of our team members and it is our mission to create a workplace culture that not only promotes diversity and equality but also supports the core principles of our liberal democracy.

We’ve always been diverse and we’re here to stay. There has never been room for hatred or racism here! Turning a blind eye no longer counts, which is why Mobizcorp is taking a clear position against racism, exclusion or fascism and for democracy and human rights.

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