Transform Your Digital Store

Thinking of going headless with Salesforce Commerce Cloud to have adaptable and flexible commerce sites, fast?

Mobizcorp delivers Commerce Cloud’s Composable Storefront – a solution for merchants worldwide desiring to create flexible websites and make changes with speed and flexibility that can keep up with evolving customer preferences. The Salesforce composable architecture with small modular, de-coupled microservices combines all available data through APIs and empowers our front-end developers to build fast and rich UX storefronts with interchangeable elements.

Commerce Cloud’s Composable Storefront is a perfect option if you are a brand or a retailer with plans to go headless and increase sales, conversions and basket size, while helping to drive down costs. The modular setup enables merchants to innovate, rearrange and change their storefront as needed depending on customer needs. Mobizcorp helps your brand to accelerate time to market, reduce risk and drive growth with headless commerce.

  • Ship new features and updates daily
  • Supercharge storefront performance and customer engagement
  • Reduce time to value and total cost of ownership
  • Take control of the brand experience and drive differentiation


Always true to our values – quality, reliability, experience and focus, Mobizcorp has been empowering brands and their customers across the globe for over two decades. Our wealth of experience encompasses over 500 Salesforce Commerce Cloud projects and countless sites launched for leading international brands such as Alexander Wang, Tory Burch, Columbia, Jack Wolfskin, Thomas Sabo, DEPOT, tamaris, dress-for-less and many more.

Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud's Composable Storefront

Launch new web experiences quickly

Choose your own custom front-end path or use Composable Storefront when time-to-market is crucial

Use Managed Runtime to host your front-end with all modern tools included, such as WAF, CDN, Edge Functions and Proxy server

Keep up with evolving customer preferences

Customize digital storefronts without disruption

Exchange storefront and backend components any time fully independent

Focus on consumer by providing a best-in-class hyper-personalized, connected experience

Seamless functionality like AR, chatbots, and social media features

Much easier transition between third-party solutions with an API-first approach

Support of multiple business models, brands, regions and customer types

Reach out to Mobizcorp to learn more about Composable Storefront and how we can help you to extend your Salesforce Commerce Cloud investment with compatible technologies.


Mobizcorp designs and implements high-quality, tailor-made, fully-scalable and customizable digital infrastructure that meets your customers’ ever-increasing expectations. Effectively leveraging industry-leading, most powerful technologies alongside our two-decade experience on the market for digital commerce, we have the size and scope to handle any challenge our clients may face.


Since 2003, our strong reputation is particularly based on specialization in digital commerce as well as the experience proven in a diversity of successfully delivered high-quality projects.


For almost two decades, we have been specializing in Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud enabling our international customers to deliver ideal shopping experiences to their customers.


Extensive experience in implementing various online shop concepts and solutions, demand for quality as well as knowledge of best practices enable us to set the ideal configuration and customization for your brand.


We implement all projects 100% in-house, believe in consistency, commitment and aim to be a reliable, long-term partner offering maximum competence & quality.

Commerce Cloud's Composable Storefront - FAQ

Traditional commerce combines functionalities and components in a single platform, which makes it monolithic and interdependent. Composable architecture is API-first, which allows services to connect and communicate with each other to create complex business solutions. With its modular approach, Composable architecture empowers businesses to build a highly customized tech stack with the best solutions.
With its state-of-the-art, flexible & scalable shops, headless commerce gives businesses the agility to keep pace with their customers — their always-rising expectations, demand for new channels, and ever-evolving shopping behavior. It unlocks the flexibility to create custom experiences and deliver commerce to any device or application.
Retailers desire adaptable and flexible commerce sites that can keep up with evolving customer preferences. The Salesforce Composable Storefront follows the MACH approach, focusing on Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless Commerce. Headless commerce separates the front end and back end of an eCommerce solution, enabling brands to quickly and affordably customize digital storefronts without disrupting the shopping experience.
Headless commerce provides agility and choice in the experience layer. But these benefits are only realized if the “head” on top of the “headless body” is lightweight and scalable long-term. When determining a headless strategy, it’s important to look for solutions that are agile, flexible, and deliver value quickly, like Salesforce Commerce Cloud's Composable Storefront.
Salesforce introduced pre-built packages made specifically for headless commerce implementations and use cases with commerce partners. With Mobizcorp’s extensive knowledge and experience in delivering cutting-edge Digital Commerce for more than 100 international brands on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, our experts have incorporated all the key success factors for headless commerce implementation, scope, design and project delivery. Mobizcorp experts help your brand to implement a truly digital-first architecture and launch new customer-facing applications at record speed.
If your store is already running on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can benefit from a phased headless commerce rollout when upgrading to Composable Storefront. Its functionality enables a phased rollout of store pages and optimization of a website also for existing Commerce Cloud users currently using Sitegenesis, SFRA, or a custom solution.
With Managed Runtime, your frontend application is hosted in the public cloud with a historical 99.99% uptime, managed by Salesforce. The Managed Runtime uses edge services close to the user like a web application firewall (WAF) to protect your storefront from attackers, a content delivery network (CDN) to speed up page loading, and edge functions that process requests and redirects.


Reach out to our experts for a consultation on Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Composable Storefront and start leveraging headless architecture and a composable approach for your online store.